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Downloads Downloads  This section of our site contains various documents and information that our clients may find very useful.

The information availabe here can downloaded by our clients and redistributed within their offices.

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Fuel Surcharge Table Fuel Surcharge Table  Mid-South Express Delivery has adopted a fuel surcharge calculation method for our services based on the fuel prices published weekly by the U.S. Department of Energy. 
This method closely links the fuel surcharges to current market prices for diesel fuel.

The fuel surcharge will be based on the price per gallon of diesel fuel stated by the U.S. Department of Energy in their weekly reports each week.
The effective periods will be from Monday in the succeeding week through the next Sunday.
The surcharge percentage will be reflected on your invoice.   
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MSED Rates and Points MSED Rates and Points  This list is a digital version of the MSED Tariff Points and Rates.  You can browse this list to find the information you need quickly.

This list can be sorted by terminal, city, ZIP code, and rates.  You can also view each terminal separately or all terminals at once.

Use the View options on the right side of the screen to choose which information you want to see.  Click on the list headings to adjust the order of the list information.

*Denotes Agent Affiliates 
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MSED Stations MSED Stations  We have several stations located throughout the mid-south region of the United States.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the best customer service possible the contact information for each of our stations is listed in this section.

We have also included a link to display an online map of each location. 
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MSED Toolbox MSED Toolbox  The MSED Toolbox is a set of information that our customers will find the most useful.

The toolbox is designed to give the customer access to extremely important information that may be needed in their day to day operations with MSED.

The toolbox contents may change on a regular basis and they are updated often to ensure that our customer's have access to the most current information. 
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News & Information News & Information  View news, announcements, and other important information that Mid-South Express Delivery has to share with our customers.

This information includes new features to our website, company news and updates, as well as general information. 
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